Soccer Hairstyles: The Best of the World Cup 2014

From David Beckham‘s continuously dynamic hair to Zinedine Zidane‘s signature whiskerless dome, football game players area unit identified for his or her daring and distinctive hairstyles (and that’s to not mention Pavel Nedved, Kevin Keegan, and Andrés Guardado). The tradition continues within the 2014 tourney with a spread of fashion forward and trendy appearance that look nice and perform on and off the sphere. check up on this gallery for the twelve best football game hairstyles of the globe Cup 2014.

Starting with the foremost smart appearance, there's Italy’s Claudio Marchisio and Brit Joe Hart sporting completely different versions of 2014′s wildly standard slick hair. Marchisio’s hair is worn longer and plastered back whereas Hart’s short haircut is sculptured into place with toilet article. (It’s not simply the hair however the pocket squares that complete the GQ-worthy appearance.) Taking the formal look in another additional sericeous direction is Andrea Pirlo, conjointly representing the Italian national team. he's identified for his chin length locks and presently completes the design with 2014′s hottest accent for men, the beard.

Another major hair trend for men on and off the football game field is that the undercut. In Europe, the trend looks to be to try the whiskerless aspects and back with an outlined side half and funky plastered across hair. The “French Beckham” Sir Laurence Kerr Olivier Giroud wears the design with such vogue and distinction he gets 2 photos here. Portugese star Cristiano Ronaldo combines the trendy undercut with classic slick hair however typically spikes it up into a fake hawk. Ecaudor’s archangel Achilier shows however this vogue will work for each hair kind, as well as his tight curls. Australian James Troisi skips the aspect half and easily slicks hair back for a method that appears nearly as good in a very football game jersey because it would with a formalwear.

For all the blokes out there with thick or coarse hair, consecutive football game hair photos area unit for you. These guys create the foremost of this typically exhausting to handle hair kind with cuts that eliminate weight and add kind. Argentinian Lionel Messi is carrying one amongst the simplest hairstyles for guys with thick hair. Hair is brief at the rear and sides with length on high that's titled into a softer version of spikes. to induce the design, use a matte paste like Grooming Lounge Some Hair Stuff or Baxter of Golden State Clay Pomade.

Fresh from Brazil is cool cut for thick hair as seen on Oscar dos metropolis Emboaba Júnior. His thick and slightly wavy hair encompasses a similar cut as Messi however is titled into the matte version of the comb over that's gaining quality. Use the shine free pomades suggested on top of or check up on these product for thick hair. India’s Sunil Chhetri works with straight, coarse hair that tends to spike up with a cut with spikes that peak on the middle of the pinnacle. It’s virtually a fake hawk however a cool and simple to vogue look.

Last however not least area unit the spikes and pretend hawks that area unit thus fashionable football game players. Spanish striker Fernando Torres has worked his approach through a good sort of haircuts as well as longer hair worn with a scarf. Torres’ current look is medium length on high and spiked up into a peak that adds height and mirrors the distinct angles of his chin. conjointly from European country, Gerard Pique‘s signature spikes area unit worn long and spiked forward and up. Use a mega hold product like Gatsby Moving Rubber to induce this Shakira-approved look. Brazil’s Neymar is thought for his Puck-style mohawks. Naymer’s current haircut is paying homage to those appearance however shorter at the rear for a clean cut look that also has a footing.

Those area unit a number of of our favourite football game hairstyles for 2014. There area unit more not mentioned here thus allow us to apprehend WHO we’ve missed!

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