Celebrities with the Men’s Undercut Hairstyle

Celebrities with the Men’s Undercut Hairstyle
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For 2014, it’s all about the men’s undercut hairstyle. The shaved sides and back look cool yet clean cut and is so easy to style. It can be paired with any hairstyle you like and works for every hair hair type, including wavy and curly hair.

This style has been making the rounds in Hollywood too so check out these 3 pictures of male celebrities rocking undercut hair.

mens undercut hairstyle Siva Kaneswaran of The Wanted Celebrities with the Mens Undercut Hairstyle

Wanted singer Siva Kaneswaran always has the best hair and he’s done it again here. This isn’t the the typical undercut, which is often shaved further up the head, creating a defined line. This softer style is more of a taper, gradually transitioning from short hair up top to close cropped around the ears. Worn with thick hair spiked up, the undercut emphasizes the height of this cool look.

undercut hair for guys Brian Austin Green Celebrities with the Mens Undercut Hairstyle

Brian Austin Green sports a similar version of the undercut but this time with slicked hair. It works really with a deep side part and hair combed across to the opposite side. This men’s hairstyle works with a tuxedo (and Megan Fox on your arm) but also looks excellent for everyday.
hipster hair Kevin McHale Celebrities with the Mens Undercut Hairstyle

Like we said, the undercut works with hair worn anyway you like. A cool and easy look made possible by the undercut is hair worn down and soft, like Glee’s Kevin McHale. Simply work hair into place with you fingers and you’re done.

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