The Top Men’s Hairstyles for 2014

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Spring is here and that means no more winter hats to cover up and mess up here. Get a fresh, clean update for the warmer weather with one of these top men’s hairstyles of 2014! These are the most popular styles, hottest cuts, and best looks this season.

1. The Undercut
 Hipster Hair for Guys  The Top Mens Hairstyles for 2014

We can’t stop talking about the undercut and here’s why. It looks cool, clean cut, and looks great on everyone and hair type. And wear it with a beard? Hell, yes. Last but not least, this is the best cut for summer, eliminating all hair except for the length on top that you can style slick, spiky, messy, or not at all.

2. Side Part
Top Mens Hairstyles 2014  The Top Mens Hairstyles for 2014

One of the many variations on the popular slick hair is wearing it with a deep side part. This hairstyle if formal enough for a wedding or work but looks great in any setting. To achieve volume without grease, crust, or shine check out Lock Stock & Barrel Pucka Grooming Creme The Top Mens Hairstyles for 2014.

3. Tapered Sides
Cool Hairstyles for Thick Hair 2014  The Top Mens Hairstyles for 2014

An update to the undercut is wearing sides longer on top and tapering down towards the neck. This is an excellent option to tame thick hair. Or combine the taper with the undercut with an inch or two of longer hair at the top and shorter sides and back below the top of the year. Either way, this creates a dapper silhouette.

4. One Side
Mens Hairstyle Trends 2014  The Top Mens Hairstyles for 2014

Slick hair worn to one side has been a major trend for over a year now. If it’s a great look for you, take it to the next level with a cut that angles to one side. Similar to Richie Hawtin‘s angular cut, this is an easy to style cut with lots of options. If you’re concerned about a high forehead or receding hairline, this is a stylish and flattering choice.

5. The Beard
Beard Styles 2014  The Top Mens Hairstyles for 2014

Facial hair is definitely up there in the men’s trends for 2014. If you can grow a thick, full beard like the one above, do it! For men with lighter hair colors or finer hair, beards are still possible. They will just look better shorter, groomed to about 1/8″ or shorter. Check out this beard grooming guide for product recommendations to soothe against itch, moisturize coarse beard hair, and the best beard trimmer The Top Mens Hairstyles for 2014.

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